Poem in Thrush Poetry Journal

A poem of mine, “How to Locate Water on a Deserted Island” is in the May issue of Thrush Poetry Journal. TPJ is a newer online journal, with its debut at the end of 2011, but it’s getting a lot of rave reviews from both reviewers and submitters. They’re committed to giving personal responses to submissions – a daunting task in this age – but based on comments posted to their FB page and tracking on Duotrope, they are keeping up with it and making many, many people happy. There’s nothing nicer than an acceptance, of course, but a personal rejection can keep writers going in a time when a below-one-percent acceptance rate is the norm. 

So: here’s the link. Read it, love it, give the issue your electronic thumbs up by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. 

Thrush Poetry Journal