New poetry editors at Stirring

It’s true, I’m insane. But lately I’ve missed having a slush pile. I’ve been a contributing editor at Bateau for five years or so, mostly giving first or second reads to manuscripts in their chapbook contest. For the past couple of years, that’s meant reading ~150 manuscripts a year. It’s a lot of work, but it’s good work, and I always feel jazzed and happier about my own writing when I have a slush pile around me. There’s such energy that rolls off the better manuscripts, and I swear it makes me more willing to write. (I always feel this way after being in the audience at a good poetry reading, too). 

Last month, the top editors at Bateau decided to go on hiatus. No chapbook contest this coming year. No general submission slush pile. Wah.

Within 24 hours of learning this, I spot a call for associate poetry editors for the online journal Stirring, part of Sundress Publications. I (heart) Sundress – they’ve got their fingers in everything. For starters, they produce the Best of the Net Anthology, the Gone Dark Archives, an online journal for women-centered art called Wicked Alice, other miscellaneous anthologies and print/online journals… whew. I’m pretty sure that the managing editor of Sundress, Erin Elizabeth Smith, does not actually have time to eat or sleep. Maybe a new subspecies of poet is evolving, and things like sustenance and rest are no longer necessary. 

So: a flurry of emails and no small amount of begging on my part, and I’m one of the new associate poetry editors at Stirring. Yay! I had a good chuckle when Erin broke the news that my position was unpaid, but a resume builder – in the world of poetry, that’s competitive wages. 

Already glittery over the idea of a slush pile…

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