Tutorial: making an MP3 for an online journal, part II

Part I of this tutorial goes over Audacity, open-source, free software that’s available for download. Part II of this tutorial covers your sound studio.

Because you don’t have a sound studio built into your house, do you? And you’ve never missed that feature until now. When you record yourself, even if you’ve gotten the coolest microphone ever, your voice will bounce off the walls and sound hollow or have an echo.

To reduce that hollow sound, choose the smallest, most heavily padded room in your house – maybe a playroom or the nursery if you have kids, or your tiny office that is really a closet. In fact, try the closet. Toss a few extra pillows in with you. Bathrooms won’t work – tile gives a wicked echo.

Or you can choose the space I like best: the interior of my car. I sit in the passenger seat, pop open the laptop, and record away. Post-2000 cars have ridiculously plush interiors, so the usual echo is absorbed.

I stumbled upon car-as-studio in the usual way: the kids were asleep. I had to make an MP3 without waking them, which put the whole upstairs off limits. Mothering and the necessity of invention.

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