Poem in Swarm

My poem “Homunculus” is in the inaugural issue of Swarm! Here’s the link:


I mentioned in the previous post how fabulous it was working with Brandon Amico, one of the four editors at Swarm. I just got a thank-you note from him in the mail. Got that? – a thank-you note. Handwritten. On a cute card. How sweet is that? 

So: writers, I encourage you to read Swarm and submit your best. Now I’m off to read the fiction in this issue. 

Interview in Swarm

The new literary journal Swarm has begun posting interviews with the four writers from their inaugural issue, and I’m one of them. Here’s the link:

Karen Skolfield’s interview in Swarm

Brandon Amico was the editor that asked me to be part of Swarm, and really, there was no way I could say no. He sent the nicest, most amazing request I’ll probably ever get. And oh, was it flattering. Do writers like flattery? – yes, we can’t help it, since mostly we spend our days hauling ourselves out of the mudpit of rejections. His note was so laudatory that I had to read it with my hands over my eyes, the way someone else might watch a horror movie. Like so many New Englanders, I don’t know what to do with praise. I’m sure I blushed. Writing this, I’m blushing again.

The inaugural issue will come out mid-February. In the meantime, read the interviews, submit some work to them! I’ll post some more Swarm links:

Submissions: http://swarmlit.com/submit/

Interview with Gregory Sherl: http://swarmlit.com/interview-with-gregory-sherl/
(I will admit I teared up when I read Sherl’s interview. It’s very unpretentious and open). 

Interview with Barbara Westwood Diehl: http://swarmlit.com/interview-with-barbara-westwood-diehl/ (I love her no-nonsense attitude and how she’s trained herself to take charge of writing).