Interview in Swarm

The new literary journal Swarm has begun posting interviews with the four writers from their inaugural issue, and I’m one of them. Here’s the link:

Karen Skolfield’s interview in Swarm

Brandon Amico was the editor that asked me to be part of Swarm, and really, there was no way I could say no. He sent the nicest, most amazing request I’ll probably ever get. And oh, was it flattering. Do writers like flattery? – yes, we can’t help it, since mostly we spend our days hauling ourselves out of the mudpit of rejections. His note was so laudatory that I had to read it with my hands over my eyes, the way someone else might watch a horror movie. Like so many New Englanders, I don’t know what to do with praise. I’m sure I blushed. Writing this, I’m blushing again.

The inaugural issue will come out mid-February. In the meantime, read the interviews, submit some work to them! I’ll post some more Swarm links:


Interview with Gregory Sherl:
(I will admit I teared up when I read Sherl’s interview. It’s very unpretentious and open). 

Interview with Barbara Westwood Diehl: (I love her no-nonsense attitude and how she’s trained herself to take charge of writing).

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