Frost in the Low Areas goes to India (and gets reviewed)

I won’t lie – your book making it partway around the world is a completely jazzy feeling. So far it’s made it to South Africa and India. Next person that sends me a photo of Frost in front of the Taj Mahal/Eiffel Tower/Topkapi Palace/etc. gets taken out to lunch. 

The photo below was taken by Mihir Vatsa of Hazaribagh, India. And, okay, the photo doesn’t really remind you of India, and you can’t pretend it’s lying on top of some amazing sari except if you squint and think very positive thoughts, but you know how tech India is these days and I’m sure that Smart-looking phone was manufactured AND purchased in India. And lives in India. What I’m trying to say is that my book is in India, and the very sweet Mihir Vatsa, a student there, wrote a review (? – a conversation about the book?) that makes me think we’d enjoy each other’s company if we ever get to meet in real life. No fawning. Very earnest, very straightforward. I like that type of person. Here’s his discussion of my book:

Frost discussion by Mihir Vatsa

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