2014 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship

It’s funny getting the news via Facebook – Carol Berg from Groton sent me a message. Congratulations, she wrote, on the MCC grant! Uhm… grant? I turned and saw the light blinking on the answering machine, and sure enough, it’s the message from the Massachusetts Cultural Council telling me I’ve won a $10,000 grant for poetry.

Ten large, as my friend Daniel Hales called it.

Here are the sweet things that have happened to me since yesterday:
1) When I told my kids about the grant, they enthusiastically replied “Oh! What’s for snack?”
2) My husband said to tell my boss I’m taking leave next year.
3) Corwin Ericson hugged me so hard I thought my ribs would crack, kissed me on both cheeks, and called me “Karen Fucking Skolfield!” for the rest of the evening. Also, he brought champagne.
4) My writing group was kind and celebratory and truly glad for me, and they fed me homemade soup and bread and were quick to pour more of the champagne, mentioned above.
5) Tons of congratulations from friends by way of email and Facebook.
6) I couldn’t sleep.
7) Pretty good reason not to sleep.
8) Two hours of pond hockey with my kids, some of their friends, and some of my adult friends. I scored goals. Everyone scored goals. The kids won (they always win). 
9) Mat Jacobson asked to borrow money, but only $50. Isn’t that sweet?
10) I bought socks. Nice socks. 

Here’s the list for the MCC 2014 fellows. I’m the only poet representing the 413 area code. One artist fellow, plus two finalists in Traditional Arts from the 413. Judging is blind, and the categories of fellowships are offered every two years.


Thank you, Massachusetts. 

I’m going to go try that sleep thing again. 

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