Karen Skolfield’s book Battle Dress (W. W. Norton, 2019) won the Massachusetts Book Award in Poetry and the Barnard Women Poets Prize.

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Or from Amazon (but I will wag my finger at you… see why, below).

Older sibling to Battle Dress: Frost in the Low Areas won the 2014 PEN New England Award in poetry and the First Book Award from Zone 3 Press, and is a Massachusetts “Must Read” selection.

Purchase Frost in the Low Areas with free shipping directly from Zone 3 Press.

Small Press Distribution carries it…

As does Barnes & Noble

As does Amazon, with this reminder: Amazon keeps an amazing 70-some percent of the sale price when the books come from small presses. Please support small presses by purchasing directly when possible.

What Richard Blanco had to say about Frost in the Low Areas: “In her magnificent debut collection, Karen Skolfield made me fall in love with poetry all over again, reminding me of its divine power to find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. She understands that poetry does not exist independently; it is pulled out of all we see, without pretense or artifice, and not in the obvious and expected ways either. Her poems surprise with each turn of the line; they foray into the unexpected discoveries and dimensions. After reading her poems, I will never again look at a baby, a fossil, a painting, a key, a homunculus—or myself—as I had before. If poetry is meant to challenge and change our perceptions of the world and ourselves, then Karen is by all means an extraordinary poet.”

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