Academy of American Poets – “Epiphenomenon
Baltimore Review – “End of Evolution
Boxcar Poetry Review – “Rumors of Her Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Guernica – “Army SMART Book Section 1-8: ‘The Origin of the Hand Salute Is Uncertain‘”
Memorious – “Backblast Area Clear
Panorama – “The Medically Important Poisonous Snakes of Malaysia
Poetry Daily – “Grenade: Origin < OFr. pomme-grenate
Poetry Society of America – “Look for Raven Pairs Flying in a Pre-Mating Ritual
Shenandoah – “Shipwreck Sunday
Sixth Finch – The Promised Herons
Sixth Finch – “Signs
Split This Rock – “At the Mall, There’s a Machine That Tells You If You Are Racist
Superstition Review – “Lost Mountain
Tupelo Quarterly – “Double Arm Transplant
Valparaiso Poetry Review – “Art Project: Earth
Verse Daily – “Frost in the Low Areas
Waccamaw – “Civil War Reenactment, Look Park, Massachusetts
Waxwing – “Mother’s Day

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