A review of my book, from Heavy Feather Review

Jordan Sanderson reviews Frost. Nice! 

Heavy Feather Review

It’s another one of those cases where someone sees more about my work than what I could see. Sanderson writes “In some of the poems, an abrupt sound transforms an entire scene.” And of course, Sanderson is correct: there’s an owl screaming, the sound of a glass dish shattering, the tapping out of S-O-S, but I’d never considered those sounds before and how they work in the manuscript. It’s one of the reasons writers need an audience.

Many thanks, HFR.

Frost in the Low Areas goes to India (and gets reviewed)

I won’t lie – your book making it partway around the world is a completely jazzy feeling. So far it’s made it to South Africa and India. Next person that sends me a photo of Frost in front of the Taj Mahal/Eiffel Tower/Topkapi Palace/etc. gets taken out to lunch. 

The photo below was taken by Mihir Vatsa of Hazaribagh, India. And, okay, the photo doesn’t really remind you of India, and you can’t pretend it’s lying on top of some amazing sari except if you squint and think very positive thoughts, but you know how tech India is these days and I’m sure that Smart-looking phone was manufactured AND purchased in India. And lives in India. What I’m trying to say is that my book is in India, and the very sweet Mihir Vatsa, a student there, wrote a review (? – a conversation about the book?) that makes me think we’d enjoy each other’s company if we ever get to meet in real life. No fawning. Very earnest, very straightforward. I like that type of person. Here’s his discussion of my book:

Frost discussion by Mihir Vatsa

Interview & poems (reprise) in Extract(s): Daily Dose of Lit

Jenn Monroe, one of the editors over at Extract(s), interviews me, and I get to talk about conversational tone, energy in lines, and when revising is “eat-a-scoop-of-chocolate-ice-cream fun.”

Extract(s) Interview

They also reprinted three poems of mine: “Where Babies Come From,” “Backblast Area Clear,” and “Rumors of Her Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.” Link below.

Three poems

Many thanks to Jenn and the others at Extract(s) for the interview, and for giving me space in the interview to talk about one of my favorite poems, “Ming” by Jill McDonough.

Interview and five poems in Connotation Press

Kaite Hillenbrand interviewed me for the November issue of Connotation Press and published five of my poems that range from tattoos to flat tires to the dangers of muddy and snowy roads.

My thanks to Kaite for her thoughtful questions and most generous gift of her time. While you’re at the issue, be sure to check out the poems of Treasure Shields Redmond and Amorak Huey. Yowsa! Great stuff! 

Reading at APSU / Zone 3 with Nancy Eimers

I traveled to Clarksville, TN, this month for the launch of my book. Clarksville is home to Austin Peay State University & Zone 3 Press, and every other year they hold a first book contest in poetry and fly in the winner AND the judge for a reading and meeting with a creative writing class. Nancy Eimers, author of Oz (Carnegie Mellon 2011), Grammar to Waking (Carnegie Mellon 2006), No Moon (Purdue 1997), and Destroying Angel (Wesleyan 1991), was the judge, and let me say, a fabulous reader and all-around amazing person. I have never felt so welcome – by Ms. Eimers, but also by the incredible staff and faculty and students of APSU and Zone 3. A special shout-out to Susan Wallace, Andrea Spofford, and Barry Kitterman – I know I saw the tiniest sliver of their responsibilities at APSU and Zone 3, and yet I was impressed by their dedication to students and literature and their own writing.

The book contest and many of the creative writing activities are thanks to Tennessee’s funding and dedication to its Centers of Excellence; the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts is housed at APSU. It’s funding and foresight like this that keeps literature and creative endeavors moving forward.

Here are a couple of photos from the event – one of me and Ms. Eimers; one of me signing books & greeting. Both are grainy (low light, my brother’s phone). But that’s a very happy me in both photos.

Frost in the Low Areas

After more than a year of anticipation (on my part), my book Frost in the Low Areas is now available for pre-order, with shipping happening around the middle of October. You can get it from Zone 3 Press, the publisher, and shipping is FREE.

Please, when you can, support small presses by ordering from the press or through Small Press Distribution. When you order from Amazon, the press gets a measly and evil 20-some percent of the cost back – not enough to sustain a small press. 

Here’s the link to Zone 3 Press, out of Austin Peay State University in Tennessee: https://epay.apsu.edu/C20023_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=163

Frost won the First Book Award from Zone 3 Press. 

Poem in Swarm

My poem “Homunculus” is in the inaugural issue of Swarm! Here’s the link:


I mentioned in the previous post how fabulous it was working with Brandon Amico, one of the four editors at Swarm. I just got a thank-you note from him in the mail. Got that? – a thank-you note. Handwritten. On a cute card. How sweet is that? 

So: writers, I encourage you to read Swarm and submit your best. Now I’m off to read the fiction in this issue.