Review of Battle Dress: FOB Haiku (Charlie Sherpa/Randy Brown)
Review of Battle Dress: True Grit
Press release: Barnard College announces 2018 Barnard Women Poets Prize
News Article: Amherst Bulletin/Hampshire Gazette (Shelby Ashline)
News Article: Daily Collegian (Kristen Forscher, University of Massachusetts)
News Article: Greenfield Recorder (Trish Crapo)
Recommended Reading: Literary Mama (Libby Maxey)
Interview: Balancing the Tide (Molly Sutton Kiefer)
Interview: Writers Who Read (G.G. Andrew)
Reading List: Persephone Magazine (Sara Habein)
Review: Quaint Magazine (Kia Alice Groom)
Poetry broadcast & feature: WRFN Radio Free Nashville (David Harris) 
News article: Berkshire Eagle (Kate Abbott)
Press release: New England Public Radio
Review: Sabotage Reviews (Ruth Stacey)
Review: Split Rock Review (Amy Clark)
Review: maybesopoetry (Christina Veladota)
Interview: Memorious (Andrea Spofford)
Review: Georgia Review (Adam Tavel)
Interview: Bloom
Review: Bloom (Athena Kildegaard)
Review: Inside Higher Ed (Katherine Hoerth)
The Valley Advocate (James Heflin)
Review: Small Press Review
Review: AMRI (Sebastian Paramo)
Review: AMRI (Robert Torres)
Review: Blurbed (Elias Simpson)
Interview: Blurbed (Christopher Linforth)
Interview: Massachusetts Cultural Council
Interview: Open Alphabet (Maurice Turcotte)
Review: Heavy Feather Review (Jordan Sanderson)
Review: Mihir Vatsa
Interview: Extract(s) (Jenn Monroe)
Interview: Upper Rubber Boot (Joanne Merriam)
Interview: Connotation Press (Kaitlin Hillenbrand)
Interview: PANK (Jesse Bradley)

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