2011 Oboh Prize in Poetry

February 22, 2012: Fabulous email today from Boxcar Poetry Review. The poem they published of mine, “Rumors of Her Death…” (see post below) was selected as the winner of their 2011 Oboh Prize in poetry by external judge Kelli Russell Agodon. Thanks Boxcar!

And if you’ve never checked them out, you should. I love how editor Neil Aitken works at building community: Every time a new issue comes out, all the writers published by Boxcar since the journal began get to vote on their favorite poems. Top three winners from each issue are advanced for consideration for the Oboh Prize. It’s a huge compliment to get chosen by your peers, and Neil Aitken is fantastic about sending along the reviews from writers. I see Boxcar having a really positive effect on the writing community – certainly a very positive effect on me.

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